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Mrs. Sherer Nielander is a seasoned executive with over 28 years’ experience in sales and marketing. Marya began her career at AST Research, where she managed accounts for the US Departments of Justice, Education, Energy, Corps of Engineers, and the Government of Israel. Following that, she became a US Western Regional Retail /Distribution Sales and Marketing Manager with both US Robotics/3Com. She continued in this role for Microsoft where she managed relationships, marketing programs and budgets, as well as hardware and software resale products into companies such as Costco Warehouses, Sam's Clubs, Amazon, Apple, and the Home Shopping Network.  Since leaving the computer industry, Marya’s world has come full circle. 

Marya now serves as Chief Strategist at GP3 Institute, leveraging her broad client relationship management experience, to help assist governments and corporations collaborate in Public Private cooperation programs.  She manages business development, protocol training, and the GP3 Internship program; created to help inspire and provide international project exposure to the next generation of global thinkers. 

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